Lucie Chamber 1 loudspeaker

Lucie Chamber 1 loudspeaker


The simplest expression of the Lucie loudspeaker philosophy -  a single point source driver delivers the full audio signal. Zero crossover distortion or phase errors. A large, light and strong aerospace aluminium diaphragm with powerful motor give neutral and transparent vocal rendition and a precise and vivid soundstage. Excelling at delivering accurate and nuanced midrange, this design is highly recommended where primarily acoustic music is enjoyed in a small to medium, focused listening environment.

Single driver full range, bass reflex (ported) enclosure

Driver: Mark Audio Pluvia 11 6” full range

Size: 9 litres (small bookshelf / stand mount)

Frequency response: 55hz -20khz (-3dB-0dB, DSP calibrated)

Crossover- nil

Impedance - 8 ohm nominal

NB. Stand pictured is available separately.

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