Lucie Studio 1 loudspeaker

Lucie Studio 1 loudspeaker


A traditional two-way compact loudspeaker with state of the art low distortion drivers from SB Acoustics and Scan-Speak. Extending linear frequency response above and below the Chamber, the design physically time-aligns the acoustic energy from the low and high frequency drivers to maintain neutrality and phase coherence through the crossover range. Recommended and pre-set crossover slopes are 6dB per octave centred at a fairly high 4khz, meaning the low frequency driver is handling more midrange energy. First-order crossover slopes are chosen for their phase neutrality, and made possible by the smooth and extended response of both drivers outside their designated passband. Wider directivity and thus a broader sweetspot are delivered by the cloth ring-radiator tweeter and shallow cabinet wave guide. Qualitatively, these design choices deliver an accurate and neutral, yet non-fatiguing loudspeaker with excellent dispersion characteristics. With more driver excursion and power handling on tap and a lower resonant frequency, this design is better suited to bass-heavy music without reinforcement via a subwoofer.

Two-way full range, bass reflex (ported) enclosure

Construction - vertically laminated solid bamboo or birch ply sections for a very rigid and well damped cabinet. Each internal section profile is uniquely contoured to aid in damping resonance modes.

Drivers: Scan-Speak R3004/6020-10 tweeter, SB Acoustics Satori MW16P-4 6.5" mid-bass

Size: 16.5 litres (medium bookshelf / stand mount)

Frequency response: 42hz -25khz (-3dB-0dB, DSP calibrated)

Crossover- nil, active via DSP (two channels of amplification required for low frequency and high frequency), passive crossover available as an option.

Impedance - 4 ohm nominal

NB. Stand pictured is available separately.

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