Speaker Talk episode 12

Trystan’s moved into his new workshop and is busy making it functional after a minor flood - good start! We also hear about how his new full range speaker is being received by his mixing engineer friend and studio clients in a near field monitoring scenario - very well it seems which is a fantastic reception for the new model.

I discuss progress on my 2-way mini monitor prototype, and re-hash the concept and intended execution. It’s sounding really good - once the placement is sorted out, imaging is spot on and midrange/treble neutrality is a treat. Exactly what we’d expect. Low bass is limited, but careful attention to placement can do wonders!

All in all, both speaker designs from Ogam and Lucie should present a compelling argument for a small passive speaker that is designed, built and finished to a beautiful standard using the best materials, and will delight their owners for decades to come, for all the right reasons.