Speaker Talk episode 11

It’s been a minute, so lots to catch up on! Trystan reveals a rebrand, Gwedd has become Ogam - he explains it’s origins in Celtic lore, and in a direct foundation in the natural world, thereby focusing attention on the values of sustainability so central to his vision.

I expound on R&D developments, as I start to look for a future hardware platform to hitch the Lucie wagon to - after MiniDSP has pulled the pin on their OEM activities. There’s not much in the way of answers yet, but certainly some interesting prospects. Only problem is time, and money, and expertise in programming.

Meanwhile, speakers! I want to build a compact two-way monitor, in the spirit of the LS3.5a. Modern drivers, passive crossover, vintage style cabinet, affordable, Lucie sonic signature. I think there’s a compelling argument there.

Trystan’s got a new workshop, and while there’s a bit of work to do to make it shipshape, it sounds ideal.