Speaker Talk episode 8

In which I again have not much to report (professionally at least), but I do have some questions about Tidal, in relation to some tracks that I get asked to play in demo scenarios that sound, well, patently bad, while others are described as revelatory and the best rendition the requester has ever heard! Is it the system? is it the source? is it the master? Who knows!

Trystan’s got some new material in from a supplier, and we discuss his plan of attack and a possible impending foray into CNC, thanks to mutual friends 3DTek who are soon to be launching in the UK by the sounds of it.

We finish up with Trystan’s experience of a new driver technology he’s had the chance to play with. Balanced Mode Radiators have been in use for some time in Cambridge Audio’s compact speakers, and seem on paper to offer some compelling advantages. They combine the properties of a conventional pistonic driver in the lower frequencies, but start to behave like a flat panel radiator in higher frequencies. I’m keen to hear Trystan’s take on the subjective differences, as this could be the next big thing particularly in context of smaller entry level speakers.