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Speaker Talk episode 5

Current affairs - Trystan’s moving house (again!) and I’m scrambling to get my demo room back together for an appointment in 2 days and the gear’s not finished! We continue our theory focus and move in to a discussion of crossovers - what do they do, and what are their component parts? Finally we get to talk about Trystan’s full range project and his impressions of the Tang Band full range drivers he’s chosen, and what else might be tried in future.

Speaker Talk episode 4

Trystan's revamped his website to great effect, and I'm waiting on parts before I can get back to building pre-amps. As we've already touched on technical matters in previous shows, this episode we go back to first principles and look in detail at the properties of loudspeaker drivers, and how their design choices impact their performance and utility in our designs.

Speaker Talk episode 3

I talk through my immediate plans for getting pre-amps back into production, starting with the enclosures. Trystan's demonstrated his speakers for a recording engineer and got some positive feedback! We discuss our marketing approaches as Trystan looks at a mini website update, and this brings us to consider our target audience and what their expectations are. I recap my experiences with my first installs, which were predictably full of surprises.

Speaker Talk episode 2

Trystan's moved house and ready to hit the ground running. I've been working producing my first order of a complete system. We talk materials, from practical and acoustic angles. We both talk through our design principles and what we're looking for in our similar but different approaches. We talk crossover topologies and sealed vs. ported enclosures.